Certinia Billing on Salesforce

Streamline billing cycles and expedite cash collection with Certinia Billing on Salesforce

Close deals, invoice promptly, and ensure swift payment—all within the Salesforce platform. Certinia billing software for Professional Services and ERP leverages Salesforce CRM data to generate invoices seamlessly, making your billing process efficient, error-free, and customer-friendly. Achieve customer satisfaction, maintain on-time billing, and enhance cash flow. Provide sales teams with the visibility they need to assist with collections.

Manage even the most complex customer relationships…

…on a unified, single platform with one closed-loop process.

Schedule a demo to witness how Certinia Billing on Salesforce offers more than just a billing platform. With Certinia billing solutions on Salesforce, you can:

  • Create accurate invoices with a single click
  • Generate invoices from opportunities, quotes, or custom objects
  • Customize invoice formats for email or printing
  • Simplify integration between cloud and on-premises ERP systems
  • Integrate seamlessly with Certinia Accounting or your preferred ERP system
  • Offer finance, sales, and service teams a comprehensive 360° view of the customer
  • Reduce resources required for billing and accounts receivable inquiries
  • Enhance visibility with comprehensive account and revenue reporting on the Salesforce platform

What makes billing on Salesforce better with Certinia?

Businesses continue to choose Certinia as the leading recurring billing solution to leverage one of the most successful SaaS platforms, Salesforce. If you already use Salesforce CRM, we’ve made it simple and convenient to manage all your front and back-office processes in one place.

Bridge the gap between Salesforce CRM and your ERP system:

  • Invoices are created directly from CRM, eliminating CRM/billing discrepancies.
  • The system auto-generates associated General Ledger and Accounts Receivable entries with each invoice.
  • Entries can be exported to your ERP system for posting, with the option for complete automation using the Salesforce platform or third-party integration tools.

Empower sales, customer service, and delivery teams:

  • Manage ordering, invoicing, cash application, and collections within the Salesforce platform.
  • Provide full visibility of customer billings to sales, customer service, and delivery teams, improving customer service and reducing disputes.
  • Empower teams to assist with collections effectively.

Bill quickly and expedite collections:

  • Automate your billing process, generate invoices accurately, and reduce payment processing time.
  • Accommodate one-time bills, recurring bills, payment schedules, and batch invoicing while ensuring sales tax compliance.

Turn any revenue-generating activity into an invoice:

  • Utilize Certinia’s simple point-and-click mapping tool to turn any activity tracked on the Salesforce platform into a bill.
  • Automate accounting entries for seamless integration with legacy ERP systems or real-time posting to Certinia Accounting.

Why Sysadmins love Certinia billing solutions:

  • It’s native to the platform, offering clicks-not-code customization and integration.
  • Master one toolset instantly, with unified data and consistent processes, workflow, and security.

Optimize Cash Flow and Accelerate Billing Processes with Certinia Billing on Salesforce

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