What is Certinia?

Introducing Certinia: Your Cloud ERP & PSA Solutions

Are you striving to streamline your business operations and enhance management efficiency? Look no further than Certinia Cloud ERP and PSA software solutions.

Built on the robust Salesforce platform, Certinia provides an automatic, comprehensive, and customer-centric overview of your business for you and your team. It aligns your sales, services, and finance teams around a single customer record, offering a unified approach to data access.

Drive business growth with actionable customer insights.

Put customers at the center of everything you do with Certinia on the Salesforce platform.

Certinia applications seamlessly integrate front and back-office functions, ensuring real-time data accessibility that propels your business forward. Built around the customer, our apps enable users to view sales, financials, and projects within one customer record, fostering clear processes, enhanced visibility, and the ability to act from any location.

Key Features of Certinia ERP & PSA Solutions:

  1. Customer-Centric Focus: Certinia solutions are an end-to-end solution built on the Salesforce platform, designed to accelerate high growth, deliver maximum value, and increase efficiencies by keeping the focus on the customer.
  2. A Single Source of Certainty: Native to Salesforce, Certinia shares the same customer record, user experience, and industry-leading analytics, empowering teams with real-time collaboration and differentiated customer experiences.
  3. Services-as-a-Business Platform: All your apps reside on one platform, providing a single source of certainty. Compliance and audits become effortless with automated trails, documentation, and centralized customer information.
  4. Best Practice Data Security: Certinia prioritizes data security with the highest industry standards, ensuring the protection of your data and applications. Regular privacy and security assessments keep you ahead of potential threats.
  5. Streamlined Approval Processes: Eliminate delays and ensure compliance standards with a shared approval engine. Automated approval logs and audit trails simplify service innovation.
  6. Collaborative Communication: Break down departmental walls with Chatter, an instant news feed for teams. Keep employees connected and informed, facilitating quicker response times.
  7. Mobile Service: Certinia’s mobile app enables secure access to CRM, ERP, PSA, and customer app data from anywhere, enhancing communication and responsiveness.
  8. Personalized Dashboards and Trend Analyses: “Clicks not code” configuration simplifies standard and customized reporting. Personalized dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and trend analyses are made accessible for everyone.
  9. Data Integration and Analytics: Link custom data for a 360º view of customers, employees, and service interactions. The Salesforce platform facilitates the connection of CRM, PSA, ERP, and Customer Success apps, enhancing reporting and analytics capabilities.
  10. Modern User Experience: Amplify service skills with the speed, flexibility, and user-friendly interface of the Salesforce Lightning Experience. Drive productivity, optimize operations, and innovate faster with Certinia.

Choose Certinia ERP Cloud, PS Cloud, and Customer Success Cloud solutions for a personalized, simplified, and modern approach to business management.

Certinia Pricing

Our pricing is simplified, scalable and offered on a per-user basis through competitively priced bundles or a la carte licenses. You have the flexibility to scale your solution to match the needs of your business.

Don’t wait to achieve enterprise agility! Request pricing today and start transforming your business with Certinia.

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