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Leading Financial and Professional Services Apps on the Salesforce Platform

Certinia offers comprehensive suite of back-office applications built for the Salesforce platform. Whether you opt for individual apps or choose to acquire them as a suite, our offerings are designed to be adaptable and fully customizable to meet your business requirements. Certinia’s pricing model is flexible, contingent upon your organization and specific needs.

Drive business growth with actionable customer insights.

Put customers at the center of everything you do with Certinia on the Salesforce platform.

Key Features of Certinia ERP & PSA Solutions:

  • One system and one record for all accounts
  • Real-time reporting and multi-dimensional business analysis
  • KPIs visible across CRM and ERP apps in a unified dashboard
  • Role-based 360° views
  • Alignment of sales, services, and finance on a single platform

Explore Certinia’s Product Offerings:

Financial Management

Accounting: Certinia Accounting is elegant enough for startups and robust enough for complex multinational organizations. It automates the entire opportunity-to-cash process, facilitates precise revenue management, and offers the flexibility needed to thrive in the new services economy. Implementation is easy, learning is straightforward, and maintenance is trouble-free.

Revenue Management: Support multiple revenue scenarios, centralize revenue streams, and comply with new recognition rules. Automation across the opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle reduces period-end close times and auditor fees, enabling faster deployment of new business models.

Subscription & Usage Billing: Manage customer relationships and billing seamlessly in one closed-loop process. Certinia allows configuration of pricing and contract terms from a central location, providing full visibility into the entire billing lifecycle.

Order & Inventory Management: Simplify, optimize, and leverage inventory data at every stage of the fulfillment process. Gain insights into upsell opportunities, available inventory, and margins at the line level to improve profits and customer satisfaction.

Procurement: Optimize the entire procure-to-pay process with complete visibility and control over direct and indirect spend. Certinia Procurement, built on the Salesforce platform, minimizes costs, improves supplier performance, and identifies new revenue streams.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Resource Management: Identify resource demand during the sale, schedule the right people onto projects, and resolve staffing conflicts proactively.

Sales Management: With Salesforce CRM and Certinia PSA on the same platform, opportunities seamlessly translate into service engagements, providing real-time insights to sales teams about project statuses and resource availability.

Professional Services Communities: Serve as your project management hub, enabling sharing of project-related information, real-time updates, time and expense entry, and tracking of critical financial data.

Project Management: Powerful, social, and mobile tools to keep projects on task, budgets inline, and stakeholders informed. Monitor project status, resource demand, customer interactions, risks, and more.

Time & Expense Management: Highly configurable and user-friendly, Certinia PSA streamlines administrative tasks, facilitates time and expense submission, and provides flexible approvals and routing.

Project Financials: Critical factors such as budgets, estimates, WIP, pre-bills, bookings, invoices, milestones, percentage complete, and basic costs are managed to ensure project and company success.

Billing & Revenue Recognition: Automate and streamline processes across every aspect of your services business, from sales and delivery to billing and revenue recognition. Track billing and expenses in multiple currencies and automate compliance with new revenue recognition rules.

Reporting & Dashboards: Real-time dashboards and reports offer complete visibility into actuals, expenses, assignments, milestones, resource requests, backlog, and more. Gain insights to efficiently deliver projects and accurately forecast future business.

At Certinia, our commitment is to empower your financial and professional services with cutting-edge applications on the Salesforce platform. With our flexible pricing model and customizable suite of back-office solutions, we ensure that your organization’s unique needs are met with precision.

Certinia Pricing

Our pricing is simplified, scalable and offered on a per-user basis through competitively priced bundles or a la carte licenses. You have the flexibility to scale your solution to match the needs of your business.

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