ERP Accounting Software

Accessing ERP information is crucial for organizations beyond sales and customer service departments. The shift from CRM to ERP solutions often leads to chaos as different departments utilize their own technologies.

What ERP Accounting Software Does

A successful ERP solution implementation necessitates robust accounting software functionality. Certinia ERP accounting software eliminates departmental boundaries, providing a unified solution built natively on the Salesforce platform.

Get the most benefit from an ERP built on the Salesforce platform.

11 reasons to connect your ERP and CRM on the Salesforce platform.

Certinia ERP Cloud, the leading software on Salesforce, connects customers, employees, and products into one system, offering a consistent view of the entire customer journey.

Unlike traditional ERP systems, Certinia software is designed for advancement, upgrades, and configurations. Embedded on Salesforce, Certinia ERP Cloud facilitates contextually relevant conversations tracking alongside transactions, accounts, reports, and other objects.

Benefits of ERP Accounting Software

  1. Saves Time and Money for Improved Customer Experiences:
    • Prevents departmental silos, eliminating the need for multiple customer records.
    • No more disconnected applications.
  2. Easy to Buy, Deploy, Learn, and Extend:
    • Supports both customer-facing and back-office employees.
    • Ensures easy, enjoyable, and useful customer engagements.
  3. Increases Business Pace:
    • Efficient, smooth cloud ERP software for fast and aligned customer journeys.

ERP Accounting Software on the Cloud

Certinia ERP solutions align engagement systems with systems of record, leveraging the latest technologies instantly. No more disparate spreadsheets; cloud-based accounting software ensures efficiency and control, keeping businesses on top every day.

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