Certinia’s PSA Software Overview

How Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud Works

If you’re in search of an all-encompassing services management solution, look no further than Certinia’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. This robust platform, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, operates on a cloud-based infrastructure, providing your business with instant access to real-time data across all departments. With Certinia’s PSA software, you not only enhance visibility but also empower your teams to make informed decisions, ultimately driving significant revenue growth.

Certinia PS Cloud, recognized as a top choice by G2, harnesses the robust capabilities of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Platform. Whether you aim to break down silos, foster collaboration, or enhance visibility between sales and services, Certinia’s PSA software has you covered. Experience an unparalleled view of your business, spanning sales, service delivery, and finance–all consolidated on one integrated platform. Keep projects on track, clients satisfied, and reports up-to-date with Certinia’s PSA.

Stop wasted time, project delays, and revenue leak.

See what happens when you manage your services, projects, financials, and customers all in one powerful app.

Key Features that Certinia’s PSA Software Brings to Your Business:

  1. Resource Management Excellence:
    • Enjoy full visibility, ensuring optimal resource allocation for every project.
    • Seamlessly integrate sales and services, fostering improved customer satisfaction and streamlined resource management.
    • Enhance project visibility and control through comprehensive tracking and monitoring of resources.
    • Match staff or role early in opportunity (geography, skills, experience, and certifications, etc.) to ensure the right resources are available on planned project start date.
    • Prepare for upcoming demand by proactively upskilling, cross-training, retraining, or hiring.
    • Know when to hire resources in advance for planned business pivots. 
    • Keep resources satisfied by evenly utilizing staff, prevent under- or over-utilization.
    • Consider employee work aspirations when making assignments to improve employee experience and avoid churn.
    • Reduce time to staff with intelligent staffing on resource requests and auto-assignments when a resource becomes unavailable.
  2. Scalability for Growth:
    • Benefit from enterprise-class scalability designed to accommodate your business’s growth and evolving needs.
    • Scale your business effortlessly with a flexible and scalable infrastructure that adapts to your evolving needs.
    • Accommodate increased demand and workload without compromising performance or efficiency.
    • Seamlessly integrate new technologies and expand your operations without disruption.
  3. Predictable Services Business:
    • Elevate predictability in your services business, leading to higher win rates, improved utilization, and enhanced services margins.
    • Leverage Certinia’s forecast feature for smarter planning and data-driven decision-making.
    • Increase your chances of winning deals with accurate forecasting and planning capabilities.
    • Maximize resource utilization and improve services margins through data-driven decision-making.
    • Streamline your services business by automating processes and eliminating revenue leakage.
    • Minimize revenue and resource forecast variances for predictability.
  4. Versatile Billing Models:
    • Certinia is optimized to support diverse billing models, including time and materials (T&M), subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, and more.
    • Support a wide range of billing models, including milestone-based billing, usage-based billing, and hybrid models.
    • Simplify billing processes and reduce billing cycles with automated invoicing and revenue recognition.
    • Ensure accuracy and transparency in billing by integrating with financial systems and generating detailed reports.
  5. Streamlined Automation:
    • From opportunity to revenue recognition, Certinia automates and streamlines end-to-end processes, reducing billing cycles and eliminating revenue leakage.
    • Mitigate risks associated with managing opportunities, engagements, billing, and revenue recognition in disparate systems.
    • Reduce manual errors and improve data accuracy with streamlined workflows and automated data entry.
    • Centralize all project-related information and processes to mitigate risks associated with disparate systems.
  6. Engaging Customer and Partner Communities:
    • Built-in communities facilitate seamless collaboration with customers and partners.
    • Provide internal and external stakeholders with secure, centralized access to relevant information, reports, and project plans.
    • Foster collaboration and communication with built-in communities for customers and partners to share details about project progress.
    • Provide secure and centralized access to relevant information, reports, and project plans.
    • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders by enabling seamless communication and knowledge sharing between staff, customers, and partners.
    • Make online billing inquiries and payments easily accessible for customer convenience.
  7. Informed Decision-Making:
    • Ensure you have all the vital data at your fingertips with out-of-the-box reporting with real-time dashboards. 
    • A master customer record native to Salesforce promotes unified collaboration between sales and services teams.
    • Access real-time dashboards and reports for comprehensive and up-to-date insights.
    • Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities.
  8. Robust Forecasting for Success:
    • Power up your resource planning and project profitability with Certinia’s powerful forecasting capabilities.
    • Gain unmatched visibility into every dollar from pipeline to delivery, driving higher margins, faster delivery, and improved customer satisfaction.
    • Gain visibility into project pipelines and delivery, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.
    • Drive higher margins and customer satisfaction by optimizing resource allocation and project timelines.
  9. Strategic Sales and Services Alignment:
    • Sales teams benefit from real-time insights to identify opportunities and sell the correct scope.
    • Resource managers gain visibility during sales process, enabling them to schedule the right people for projects at the right time.
    • Enable sales teams to identify opportunities and sell the right scope with real-time insights.
    • Empower resource managers to choose best-fit resources early in the sales cycle to decrease time to project start and to improve project success rate.
    • Foster collaboration and alignment between sales and services teams for seamless project execution.
  10. Analytics Excellence with Einstein:
    • Gain instant and actionable insights with Certinia’s PSA Analytics, powered by Salesforce Einstein.
    • Swift and accurate reporting across millions of data points ensures sophisticated, multidimensional analysis for improved decision-making.
    • Leverage the power of Salesforce Einstein for real-time and actionable insights.
    • Perform sophisticated analysis across millions of data points for improved decision-making.
    • Find and staff best-fit resources using up-to-date skills and clear ratings.
    • Reduce costs by viewing skill and role demand/capacity variance. 
    • View aging summary of value available to bill for work in progress, billable work not yet billed.
    • Reduce risk to financial KPIs for projects by accessing schedule variance by resource, budget burnup, and revenue forecast (versus baseline).
    • Remove scheduling issues before they occur by tracking projects that are likely to go off plan.
    • Focus on riskiest projects using a time to staff prediction model.
    • Gain a competitive edge with advanced analytics capabilities and predictive modeling.

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