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Streamline Your Accounting with Certinia Accounting Software Applications

Manage your accounting seamlessly on a unified platform. Accounting software applications have been a staple for decades, but there has been a recent shift towards cloud-based solutions. This transition shouldn’t come as a surprise, as cloud accounting software applications offer a higher return on investment and enable real-time financial analysis.

Your company is growing—keep it that way.

It’s time to upgrade to a modern cloud accounting system.

There are several notable differences between cloud accounting software applications and traditional ones. Firstly, cloud accounting software applications offer greater flexibility. Data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, unlike traditional software which is typically confined to on-premise computers. Secondly, unlike their traditional counterparts, cloud accounting software applications update financial information automatically.

With Certinia cloud accounting software, your company can integrate a simple yet powerful accounting solution that is user-friendly. As the leading accounting application on Salesforce, Certinia offers the following benefits:

  • Access flexible, multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • Manage multi-currency and multi-company transactions effortlessly
  • Seamlessly transfer costs between companies or business units using an inter-company journal

Certinia Accounting is tailored for the fast-paced business environment in which we operate.

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