How to use Salesforce for accounts receivable

Bridge the gap between Salesforce CRM and your ERP

Say goodbye to billing mistakes, bottlenecks at month end, long Order to Cash cycles and unhappy customers. Certinia accounts receivable and billing software is designed to leverage information stored in Salesforce CRM so you can automatically generate invoices and bridge the gap between CRM and legacy ERP systems. It not only eliminates financial process inconsistencies, it improves the information flow between the cloud and your on-premises based ERP system.

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Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations.

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Salesforce invoicing made easy

Certinia accounts receivable and billing software streamlines your invoice process by using information already held in Salesforce CRM – so there’s no need for manual re-keying or complex integrations. You can create an invoice directly from any opportunity and support case or custom object captured in Salesforce CRM at the click of a button. And you only have one system of record to manage. By streamlining the entire process you are able to improve cash flow and lower your days sales outstanding (DSO).

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Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations on the Salesforce platform. Certinia Financial Management gives you a flexible general ledger, automated billing processes, and brilliant intelligence all in one place.

Salesforce CRM and Certinia ERP system working together

Finally there is an efficient way to connect your CRM, billing and ERP systems. Because the invoices are created directly from CRM, there are no CRM/Billing discrepancies. Plus the system auto-generates the associated General Ledger and Accounts Receivable entries with each invoice. These entries can then be automatically exported to your ERP system of choice for posting.

360° views of your customers

Because Certinia shares the same account object as Salesforce CRM, your sales, services and billing activity can all be seen in one view. Now you will be able to get a complete understanding of each and every customer interaction with your company. Anyone in your company with a Salesforce CRM license can view the customer’s credit history, eliminating the need for an ERP login, manual credit reports and A/R inquiries from your sales team. Easily see who has and hasn’t paid their bills and even collaborate via Chatter to chase debt.

Seagate saves 30% in annual costs with Certinia

In this short customer case study video, discover how Seagate, a global leader in data storage solutions, adopted Certinia’s billing solution to help save them time and money, allowing a renewed focus on superior customer service, resulting in:

  • 30% cost savings now realized thanks to Billing/CRM integration
  • Average “time to dollar” reduced from 42 days to 14
  • Period close reduced to 5 days, down from 11 days