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Hello 2014 – Now for the Biggest Trends, Predictions, and Resolutions

Goodbye 2013. It’s officially time to welcome some new, challenging and exciting opportunities for 2014. What’s in store? To name a few, the Cloud is hotter then ever, mobile has exploded and the customer is king. We pulled together a few meaningful articles featuring biggest trends and predictions for the IT space (two focused on the ever important ERP), and threw in a few resolutions you might consider for 2014.

  • Top 8 ERP Trends for 2014 – “2014 is the year of the back office”; “Cloud ERP gains ground”; “Social ERP or not so much?” – check these out and get prepared.
  • IDCs Top 10 Predictions for 2014: “The digitization of all industries”; “Cloud service providers will continue to drive IT market”; “Here comes the social enterprise” – we get more digital every day.
  • Troubling, Challenging 2014 ERP Predictions – “Lots of ERP cleanup projects remain”; “Big ERP firms shouldn’t confuse sales with popularity” – the world of ERP is about to change, big time.

As you read through these, you may be thinking of some new year’s resolutions to bring with you to work this week (or next). Below are a few inspiring ones we’ve heard so far that encapsulate where 2014 is headed.

  1. It’s the year of the back office – get your front office and back office connected and get a complete 360 view of your customers, finance, sales, and services – in one spot.
  2. It’s all about the customer – raise your game when it comes to customer satisfaction (and retention) by looking for new ways to reach and service them across multiple touch points.
  3. Embrace social – It will get your teams talking, collaborating better then ever before (and eliminate those dreaded email chains).
  4. Death to manual entry –  take a look at your IT infrastructure and where you are creating additional work that can be automated, and do something about it with apps.
  5. Get mobile – make sure they apps you use across your business are mobile or you will be sorry!
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