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3 ways a single cloud platform transformed himagine’s billing & revenue recognition

Himagine Solutions has 1,500 employees and is a leading healthcare outsourcing services provider with the largest team of inpatient and outpatient coders in the U.S.

Formerly Kforce Healthcare, himagine used multiple different platforms to support financials, HR, sales and resource management. They were looking to find a single-use platform and prior to Certinia, were using NetSuite for Revenue Recognition and PeopleSoft for billing processes.

NetSuite’s revenue recognition software wasn’t integrated with the main services platform that they used and it was very manual and time consuming. PeopleSoft didn’t integrate with all of their sales and project and resource management either.

They knew that choosing Certinia, built on Salesforce, for both revenue management and billing was the perfect step towards fulfilling a single cloud platform approach.

Here are 3 ways Certinia has transformed their billing and revenue recognition processes:

  1. Every component of the billing cycle is managed in one automated closed loop process and the number of billing resources required has been cut in half.
  2. They can now process both recurring and nonrecurring revenue in a single invoice and manage the billing lifecycle all from a single record. And because it’s connected to Salesforce CRM, the invoice is generated right from the customer record in a single click.
  3. In an industry with ever-changing standards, having an automated, comprehensive solution makes it easy for them to comply with mandated revenue recognition rules and stay HIPAA compliant.

If you’d like to hear more about how himagine has been able to transform their revenue recognition and billing processes, join the webinar on Wednesday, December 14th, hosted by Proformative.

Tara Triola, Director of Finance Operations at himagine will be speaking with Amy Konary, Research Vice President at IDC and Willie Hung, Product Strategy Manager at Certinia about the business value of cloud-based revenue management systems.

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