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Accounting on a Blackberry…

On the day that the new 3G iPhone finally launches in the UK, I thought it would be fun to show that we have got CODA 2go running not just on an iPhone – but also now on a Blackberry. Here you can see a view of a customer account, and then the menu of actions available to the me:


I can drill down to view an invoice (below left) or credit note (below right) for that account:


I can view the list of reports (below left) and then select and view an Aged Debt report:


The great thing as a developer is that we inherited this capability by virtue of developing on the platform. Simple as that! We didn’t have to write a new user interface for each mobile device we want to support, which means we can focus on delivering the rich accounting functionality ‘behind the scenes’ that CODA is famous for. It is this combination of platform and accounting knowledge that will give the users the best possible experience. This is exciting stuff, especially in the world of accounting!

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