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Bringing Finance & CRM together: but don't take our word for it

We attracted 100 attendees to our prospect webinar last week where we focused on bringing finance and CRM together, and had two customers present representing IT and finance roles. A recording of the webinar can be accessed below. Susan Randal from the WiFi Alliance (00:09:00) talks about the benefits her organization has gained including the eradication of spreadsheets from the business as well as full support for reporting and internal controls.

Certinia Accounting helped the organization manage an increase in growth and complexity of sales and without a change in system would have meant them hiring additional finance staff to manage the workload. Susan also provides some insight into the implementation from an accounting perspective. Ben Vanderbeek, Exec Director of IT at myGearStore also presents (00:17:40) his experiences with Certinia Accounting which replaced NetSuite to better meet the organization’s integration requirements to fulfill up to 3,000 orders per day.

Ben talks about developing on as well as integration with salesforce CRM and implementation from a technical viewpoint and makes some interesting points. The full webinar can be viewed here (uses Webex player).

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