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Proximity, Aquient, and Melbourne Market Authority Deploy Services-as-a-Business Platform for Operations Excellence

This article is written by Seleen McKinnies, Regional Vice President, APAC. This is the third blog post in a series of three where we’re taking readers on a virtual global tour showcasing what customers around the world are achieving with FinancialForce. The first blog post, in which the global excursion takes off in North America, can be found here. The second in which the journey continues in Europe can be found here.

Welcome to the final leg of our global adventure touring successful professional services industry leaders! We’ve saved the best for last as we welcome you to the Asia Pacific region to meet some amazing customers who have transformed their businesses using our Services-as-a-Business platform. Get ready to be inspired by their stories of success!

First up, we have Proximity, a leading provider of integrated consulting, legal and commercial services based in Australia. With FinancialForce PS Cloud‘s simple time and expense entry, Proximity has seen a significant reduction in invoicing times by more than 75%. Proximity is also using FinancialForce software to improve its business culture and unlock additional features that enable incremental improvements.

Sunny Phull, FinancialForce CSM says: “Implementing the combined FinancialForce-Salesforce platform has provided Proximity with real-time data, a single source of truth, and the ability to produce faster, smarter financial reports. By unifying their advisory services and finance departments into one solution, their entire business has benefitted. For example, they now have better visibility into project management, resource allocation, and overall profitability, enabling them to easily monitor the health of their business at a glance.”

Next, we have Aquient, a Singapore-based consulting firm. FinancialForce Services Analytics has transformed how Aquient delivers and manages its projects, leading to more efficient project management, the avoidance of unprofitable projects, and improved customer satisfaction. As a result, Aquient has realized more than a 100% ROI with FinancialForce.

Sunny Phull adds: “Aquient’s move to a unified solution, combining Salesforce and FinancialForce PSA, has completely transformed their customer experience and services delivery. They now have greater visibility into their resources, consultant skills, and availability, which has resulted in more efficient management of projects and clients. As a result, they’ve increased their utilization rates and significantly reduced the time required to staff projects.”

Last but not least, we have Melbourne Market Authority, which is using the combination of FinancialForce and Salesforce to digitize their efforts. Melbourne Market Authority has cut down on the amount of paper used and customers are able to access their customer portal and make payments upfront, giving them the visibility they need on their statements in real-time.

Josh Rodgers, FinancialForce CSM shared, “As an innovative organization that is lean on staff, FinancialForce combined with the power of Salesforce has allowed Melbourne Market Authority to better serve their customers without increasing FTE. Their customer-centric approach has been enabled by their adoption of FinancialForce Communities, allowing their customers’ self-service administration, such as visibility of invoice status and the ability for customers to pay directly online. This benefits the organization with a reduction in the administrative workload for their finance team, as well as a reduction in time to pay. FinancialForce and Salesforce have provided real time business management solutions to merge the front and back office visibility of detailed processes associated with running one of the largest fresh produce markets in the southern hemisphere.”

At FinancialForce, our Services-as-a-Business platform provides a 360-degree view of every customer while powering all aspects of services operations. We are focused on helping services businesses achieve accelerated growth, improved profitability, market-leading customer satisfaction, and consistent renewals. 

What could you do with a services system-of-record for your professional services organization?

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