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Can't convince the spouse? Top 5 reasons you must go to Dreamforce

Sure, you and your boss are already privy to all the innovation, best practices and industry know-how that Dreamforce will give you. And the all-star lineup participating this year is incredible.  But how do you convince your spouse or significant other to let you out of the house for the better part of a week? Let us help you with that: 1.) Early holiday shopping for the kids: With Dreamforce comes hundreds of exhibitors. With hundreds of exhibitors comes thousands of giveaways. Take advantage and bring home all kinds of amazing loot to wrap up for the kiddies [each one with a unique logo!]. Think headsets, t-shirts, stuffed animals, ipad accessories, ipods, flashlights, toy cars, planes, frisbees, basketballs, golf clubs – you name it, we’ve seen it.  Maybe even put a ribbon around that car you’re going to win. It happens. 2.) Promotions, bonuses and next couples’ getaway!:  Nowhere else will you be exposed to so many career-changing application and business strategies guaranteed to make you look like a star at your office.  When you look like a star, you get a promotion. When you get a promotion you earn more money. When you earn more money, you can go on amazing trips with your spouse and buy very cool stuff.

3.) Early retirement:  It’s no joke. You can turn four days at Dreamforce into a lifetime of value for your career. Dreamforce is the perfect place to find inspiration, innovation, and interested leaders to turn a job into a business venture.  If there’s any place to find “that secret something” to launch your dream, it’s Dreamforce.

4.) No Guilt: Considering the aforementioned #2 & #3 – your spouse has to get it now. When you are held back from gaining skills and insight for your career, then that’s a loss. And whose fault would that loss be? Your spouse’s. Think of the guilt. No spouse will want to experience that. 5.) You can’t miss me if I never leave:  Sure you’ll be gone for four days, but just remind your spouse of all the nice quiet time, and the TV shows he/she will get to watch without complaints and how exciting it will be to hand over ALL the kid raising and household responsibilities to you when you’re back. Or simply remind your spouse just how happy you will both be to see each other again. Try these and we are sure to see you at the show!! And I hear all the best action is with these guys.
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