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CXOTALK with LiquidHub: Customer experience is king in the new services economy

How is the new services economy changing business? At Certinia Community Live in Las Vegas, Michael Krigsman (industry analyst and host of CXOTALK) sat down with our customers to discuss everything from the changing world of finance to IT innovation and customer experience.

In this next installment of CXOTALK, we hear from Joe Grover, Partner of Global Outsourcing at LiquidHub, a customer engagement company that combines deep technical expertise with compelling user experience and design. With the new services economy changing the playbook for modern organizations, Joe highlights the strategies companies must adopt in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Key takeaways include:

  1. No matter your industry, you must have a “full picture” of your audience. Whether you sell ice cream or software, your understanding of your customers can make or break the success of your business. For example, Joe shared a recent project he worked on with a company in the Medicare space who attempted to engage with their customers via building an app – they did their market research and knew they all had smartphones, but they didn’t ask how they actually use them. The app ended up failing because their older customers cared more about having room on their phones for photos and videos of family vs. a heavy medicare app they’d have to delete other things for to make room for. LiquidHub was then able to resolve the problem through creating a lighter app which did not require as much memory and takeup and usage was greatly improved.
  2. Data must be digestible. As the head of delivery operations, Joe must pull customer data through tools like Certinia on a daily basis. “Having the right data that’s easily consumable gives us the ability—and our managers and executives the ability—to make decisions on that data,” said Joe. “And that’s hugely important to us.”
  3. Speed is the new mantra. Speed, efficiency, and customer responsiveness must be priorities for businesses to succeed in the new services economy. LiquidHub thrives by responding to customers in a way that gives them what they need, when they need it.
  4. Keep an open mind. Joe’s main piece of advice for large companies undergoing a digital transformation: “Be open-minded in your approach.The economy’s changed. We have raised our children to expect different things than we do, and that open-minded approach will lead you to places you never imagined.”


Watch the full CXOTALK interview with LiquidHub here, and see the first video in the series here.


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