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Early adopters start to feedback

We are very excited as we start to get feedback from our early adopters who are helping us to ensure that the functionality and useability of CODA 2go meets their business requirements. The application is being tested by a number of carefully selected companies in the UK and US. We have been talking with these companies for some months and based on specific criteria around their type of business and their needs, we have released the application to them. CyberSafe is one example. As a security software vendor, they have a requirement for an application which supports their software sales, by producing invoices from quotations so they don’t have to keep rekeying the information into Sage.

Talking to Tim Alsop, Technical Director of CyberSafe this morning, so far CODA 2go seems a great fit. Initial feedback from Tim is really going to help us to maximize the useability of the application for those people who are used to the Salesforce way of working. Tim has made some really interesting points around where functionality should be situated on the page so that Salesforce users will recognize it immediately. These sorts of comments are really going to ensure that the application is totally intuitive and therefore quick to learn, which is obviously extremely important to a busy finance department. We’re looking forward to more feedback!

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