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Financials, CRM, and more: CFOs want everything on one platform

Cloud- and mobile-based platforms are now gold standards, but it’s not just convenience driving adoption: now it’s all about improving customer experience through a single source of truth. Instead of waiting for days or even weeks for teams to be on the same page, everyone from sellers to accountants can do their work with the same view of critical customer data.

CFOs and other finance leaders today have recognized the benefits of working on the same platform as the rest of the business. In The State of Finance, our annual research survey conducted in partnership with third-party market research firm Lab42, we surfaced dozens of data points revealing that finance leaders know they can drive better results by using the same customer-centric IT stack as the broader business.

High performers more likely to value a single platform

Companies today use a wide variety of software applications, including CRM, customer service software, productivity software, and more. Revealingly, more than 80% of finance leaders said they found it important for their financial software to run on the same platform as their customer service and HR systems. An even greater amount (over 90%) said they found it important for financials to run on the same platform as productivity software, collaboration software, and CRM.

But even more intriguing is that high performers are more likely to value a single platform. Compared to just 54.4% of respondents from low-performing finance teams, almost 70% of respondents from high-performing finance teams said it was “very important” that their CRM and financial systems run on the same platform.

Instead of having to “integrate” disparate systems, finance leaders want their teams to be working in the same environment with access to the same data as their colleagues across the organization. For example, Certinia is natively built on the Salesforce platform, seamlessly connecting financial and project information with customer data.

From CRM to collaboration and productivity, finance leaders want their teams working on a single, customer-centric IT stack. To learn more about finance on the customer-centric IT stack, download our free report The State of Finance, featuring business insights from 1,000 CFOs and other finance leaders.

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