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Getting it just right: why resourcing is a ‘Goldilocks’ art 

This article is written by Dan Whitfield, who is on a mission to help organisations leverage technology to simplify their operations and deliver increased value. It’s all about the perfect balance when it comes to resource management, and Dan shares how to achieve resource optimisation and the role that technology plays.

For professional services organisations, resilience hinges on an evolutionary approach to harnessing talent. In our eBook, ‘The Art of Resource Management,’ we dissect how businesses have grown through significant periods of disruption by nurturing a culture of ongoing adaptation, taking a fresh look at how they manage and retain their people resources.

Here’s the crucial shift–instead of being locked into the mindset of squeezing every ounce of those resources to the max, they’re navigating a ‘Goldilocks’ zone where the challenge lies in balancing resource demand with the unique needs of each individual resource. It’s no longer about simply the risks of employee and voluntary attrition. It’s about perfecting the match between the right individuals and the right projects at precisely the right time.

Think of it as a three-sided equation—how to balance customer experience, employee satisfaction, and organisational profit. That’s where the ‘just right’ factor comes into play.

More than a numbers game

A common scenario we’ve found is businesses deploying a high-cost resource at the wrong rate—money down the drain, and talent underutilised. It often means they’re tasking them with roles beneath their capabilities, leading to a mismatch that’s less than optimal. 

You may also be familiar with the issue of ‘talent hoarding,’ where sales people rely on their current select few contracts before looking elsewhere, missing out on the broader talent pool’s potential, and resulting in lost revenue and increased bench time.

How to optimise your most valuable asset: your people 
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And then there’s the attrition dilemma. The employment market is tight and it’s difficult to hire good talent at the best of times. When you do, it takes time for new hires to become productive, and missing out on capturing revenue during those crucial first months can be costly. 

Contributing to the challenge, most professional services businesses grow by mergers and acquisitions, which can create a knowledge gap. There may be a wealth of new resources at their disposal, but people are simply unaware of it.

Understanding the roles and cost of project delivery is essential. It’s about focusing on how this translates into margin, rather than merely winning business.

This is your vehicle that can take you on the journey from resource maximisation to resource optimisation – eliminating resource mismatches and ensuring that your teams are not just motivated, but also primed for profitability.

So how do you navigate through the mess? An advanced resource management solution that empowers your employees with choices and gives you the visibility to make staffing decisions early in the sales process can be game-changing.

It’s about providing opportunities for employees to work on projects that align with their interests and resonate with their career aspirations.

In the next post in this series, we’ll be looking into the importance of breaking down silos for customer experience when delivering consultancy services, and what connected customer excellence can look like.

Want to delve deeper into resource optimisation and its transformative impact? Take a look at Certinia’s ebook ‘The Art of Resource Management‘.

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