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In Finance? Got Salesforce? Four Hot Tips that Can Change Your Life

Hot Tips. Accounting for SalesforceWondering if you’ve outgrown your accounting system? Perhaps you are struggling because your current system lacks application integrations (e.g. CRM) and process automation? Or workarounds and spreadsheets are mushrooming, not to mention your staff burning the midnight oil. We have heard all these struggles (and worse) before and jotting down some powerful tips to help the finance team make some changes for the better.

Tip #1: Embrace the Power of Integrated CRM for Accounting
Studies have shown that the companies who integrate CRM and Accounting are more efficient and improve cash flow. So if you have Salesforce CRM, accounting and billing are great apps to complement your investment in When they reside on the same cloud platform,, they share the same infrastructure, database, development tools, reporting tools and user interface. From a user’s perspective this simplifies user adoption and enables cross training between functions. Win. Win.

Tune into our next blog later this week for tips #2 and #3.

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