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Leverage team selling to grow your professional services business

When Certinia PSA was first conceived, the original consultants that designed and developed the initial product saw a unique opportunity in the industry to embrace team selling.

As experts using and developing solutions on the Salesforce1 platform, they had the vision to foresee the tremendous value and benefit of building a Professional Services Automation system that didn’t just integrate to the Sales Cloud CRM but shared the same platform. As a result, Certinia PSA shares the same data model as the Sales Cloud, making it a snap to pull together CRM and PSA data for reporting. By sharing the same Account and Opportunity records both teams see the same information tailored to the needs of each team or role. In addition, teams get a common collaboration layer with Chatter.

When I came across the article “Business development challenge in professional services – role of team selling” by Janet Spirer, it resonated with our most recent PSA release, which introduces great new features that continue the PSA vision. A vision that has been delivering on and continuing to support team selling. Forward-thinking Professional Services businesses have been enjoying the tremendous power of a solution that brings together Sales and Services teams and lets Services teams contribute in new ways. In her article Janet Spirer writes:

“Teams now contribute in several ways – from participating in pre- and post- sales calls to being on a client site and identifying opportunities for growing existing business as well as new opportunities.”

With the latest release of our PSA solution, we have added the ability for this collaboration to be even more robust with new “bottom up planning” functionality. This lets service teams build out detailed project plans for the purpose of generating resource / capacity requirements and estimates that the Sales team can use during scoping and estimating. This reduces risk and empowers the Sales team to confidently negotiate with prospects and ensures that the business will hit profit goals with every deal.

In addition, we have enhanced our capacity functionality to calculate future capacity needs by resource role and adjust these estimates based on Opportunity probability. With the latest release, continues to enhance and bring to life the incredible vision originally conceived for Certinia PSA as well as continuing to provide a unique product that is helping Professional Services businesses embrace and realize the tremendous benefits of true team selling.

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