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How Methods cut billing time in half and reduced costs by 40%

As a leading digital transformation partner to the UK public sector, Methods is passionate about helping organizations reimagine their technology stacks for the modern era. The company applied that same passion to their own business when they decided to transform their back office operations by embracing a single platform approach through Certinia ERP on the Salesforce platform.

Fueling business growth  
After nearly five consecutive years of explosive growth, the team at Methods realized that they needed to dramatically enhance their financial and operational business management to maintain that pace and profitability. They found a way to do that with Certinia Financial Management and Professional Services Automation (PSA).

Methods now has all their data on one platform, delivering accurate insights for strategic, real-time decision-making across core financial and services delivery functions. Since adopting Certinia, Methods has seen a two-week reduction in the billing cycle, a 40% reduction in finance back office costs, a 50-80% increase in consultant utilization, and the first pain-free audit in years.

“[Certinia] has enabled us to focus further on strategy and business growth as well as cope with the rapid change in business models and adapt quickly in the new services economy,” said Methods CFO Stephen Horrocks. “We have been able to achieve this with virtually no custom development.”

The single platform formula
Before adopting Certinia, Method’s heavily customized, piecemeal system had been unable to keep up with the company’s business needs. Manual processes broke down, and nobody trusted the numbers coming out of the system.

Methods discovered the value of a single platform formula with Certinia ERP. Native to the Salesforce platform, this solution gives Methods the ability to analyze trusted data quickly and in easily digestible formats. They also have visibility and predictability to maximize profit margins and meet customer needs.

This is just a teaser of the complete Methods story, a story of transformation essential to the health of the company. To learn more about how Methods transformed their business with the Certinia ERP, watch the Methods highlight video and read the story here.

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