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New QuickStart app launched in response to customers

QuickStart is a set-up wizard designed to help SMBs without in-house accounting expertise switch to Certinia Accounting faster. It is designed to help small and medium size organizations with limited in-house accounting resources or standard accounting requirements to set up their chart of accounts, the vital coded listing of all the accounts used by an organization. It also benefits larger organizations that want to take an industry ‘best practice’ approach to accounting. QuickStart has been developed in response to customer feedback. is more comprehensive than other online cloud accounting solutions and therefore we have found that some businesses with limited accounting resources need assistance setting up their chart of accounts. That is hardly surprising, since even experienced accountants do not change their accounting system every day. Yet the design of your chart of accounts is critical to how you structure financial information. Get it wrong, and you may struggle to report on the most important financial and operational trends in your business.

The 10-step QuickStart application provides straight-forward, pre-defined steps for setting-up Certinia Accounting. A default chart of accounts will provide users with a starting point based on five sector templates: – IT/high tech – professional services – media – medical services – generic The professional services template, for example, enables users to account for consulting revenue, while the media template accounts for items such as advertising sales. This new wizard-driven approach to setup can reduce the time it takes users to create and refine their accounts structure by up to 75%, even if they have never designed a chart of accounts before. For more information visit the QuickStart page on our website.

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