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No more guesswork: Harnessing AI for intelligent staffing

This article is written by Joe Thomas, Solutions Evangelist Certinia. His goal is to help organizations understand the “how and why” cloud-based technology can help them run a most intelligent, agile, and connected business. Get his insights here on pragmatic AI and putting it into practice at your services organization.

In the professional services landscape, the advent of ‘Pragmatic AI’ has opened new avenues for intelligent staffing. Our recent webinar “Build It! Intelligent staffing: from guesswork to precision with Certinia AI” — featuring Mark Conklin, Senior Director of Operations at Salesforce and Matt Byrne, Certinia’s analytics guru — highlighted the transformation from traditional, manual staffing processes to AI-driven methods as not just a technological leap but a strategic necessity for modern services teams.

The integration of AI in resource management

At the heart of intelligent staffing is the integration of AI capabilities with resource management systems. Traditional methods, often bogged down by manual processes and spreadsheets, are rapidly giving way to more sophisticated, data-driven approaches. AI within the resource management process goes beyond mere automation; it’s about smarter allocation of human capital, leveraging data to match the right skills with the right project at the right time.

We are using AI now for resourcing, starting to look at capacity forecasting, knowing when we’re going to need certain roles, knowing where we’re going to need people. It gets better and better.”

Mark Conklin, Salesforce

One of the key insights from our webinar is the power of consolidated data systems. Mark Conklin highlighted the efficacy of a unified Salesforce org that integrates sales and projects, allowing access to vast pools of data across regions, practices, and project types. This comprehensive view enables service organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Predictive capabilities and customization

A standout feature of Certinia AI is its predictive capability. As Matt Byrne shared, the predictive elements within Certinia’s estimating process can suggest the most appropriate template for creating estimates based on opportunity and account attributes. This level of customization is crucial in services delivery, where each client and project may have unique requirements.

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The role of AI in forecasting and staffing

AI’s role in forecasting and staffing is also a game-changer. By analyzing historical and operational data, AI can predict future needs for specific roles and skills, enabling businesses to plan proactively. However, as I noted during the webinar, while AI can significantly enhance efficiency, it must be deployed responsibly, especially in areas requiring high personalization. The goal is to complement human expertise with AI’s analytical power — not to replace the human element.

AI also transforms project management. By analyzing ongoing project data, AI can provide real-time insights into staffing efficiency and project margins. This immediate feedback allows project managers to adjust strategies on the fly, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

With the use of AI, we don’t just look at the quarter out, we’re starting to look a year out. We’re starting to get into what if. What if we swapped out an SBA with a business analyst? We can look at margin that way.

Mark Conklin, Salesforce

Embracing AI pragmatically: A call to action

The transition to AI-driven staffing and resource management is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic pivot. Businesses must embrace these technologies to stay competitive in the ever-evolving services sector. The key lies in understanding that  AI is a tool to augment human decision-making, not replace it.

As we continue to explore and expand the capabilities of Certinia AI for services management, it’s clear that the future of staffing and project management is here. It’s time for businesses to harness the power of pragmatic AI, transforming the way they staff their service teams intelligently, responsively, and effectively.

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