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Q&A with Chris Kenny from Chambers Gasket: What’s he looking forward to next week Dreamforce?

Chris Kenny, VP of Operations at Chambers Gasket spent a few minutes to share with me what he hopes to gain from Dreamforce and what he plans to convey as a panelist in the Transforming Your Back Office Fireside Chat.

A: Traditionally, when most people think of Salesforce, they think of CRM, managing a sales force and sales growth.  The key points I want to make are that is much more than CRM and how Chambers Gasket has used that as a differentiator.

For Chambers Gasket, we saw a unique opportunity get our entire ecosystem that serves the customer on one platform.  That in turn means we can be more responsive to the customer, not just on a quote or sales inquiry, but on orders and production, invoices and credit approvals and everything in between.  The ability for Chambers’ main person interacting with the customer to have a view of the entire customer relationship at their fingerprints allows us to quickly address any question and move on to growing the business.

I am looking forward to sharing our success.

A: I think it is twofold: 1) That a unified front office and back office is possible with compelling results both in terms of customer satisfaction and internal productivity, and; 2) selfishly from Chambers perspective more people on the platform means more features, applications and innovation in the future for us to take advantage of.

A: I’m most excited to learn about detailed roadmaps and new releases from our core application partners (, AscentERP and CRM), Salesforce Communities (we think this potentially enables on-demand customer interaction with our platform) and hopefully seeing what is next that we can add to our platform!  It’s going to be a great conference!

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