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The single easiest way to grow your services business

What services organization isn’t strategizing for growth? In the services world, the mantra holds more true than anywhere: if you’re not growing, then you’re dying.

So two questions for services professionals:

1. How regularly do you assess your organization’s project and financial performance?

2. Do you have the systems and processes to improve performance?

These same questions were posed at a services performance workshop during Dreamforce 2018. After taking a closer look at their services data and technology infrastructure, most attendees uncovered a growth path that was weak at best. The common link uncovered? Lack of a professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Industry research based on standard services industry KPIs indicates that, after adopting a commercial PSA solution, organizations see an immediate 4% rise in utilization.

For services businesses to grow and sustain growth, you need deep visibility across sales, services, resources, and projects. Gaining visibility into these dimensions (with the right PSA solution) enables businesses to bring the right people to the right jobs at the right time. The end result is a dramatic increase in utilization, improved margins, and happy customers.

Want to see what a 4% increase in utilization would mean for your services business? Run this ROI calculator and uncover the benefits of managing your people, projects, and financials in a single integrated solution. You can schedule some time for a deeper ROI discussion here.

If you’d like to see a full demo of Certinia PSA let us know. And be sure to check out our customer stories to learn how services businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the leading PSA on the Salesforce platform.

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