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Thanks to our Open Source Contributors!

Its been nearly two years since first created its GitHub page and started sharing some of its tools and libraries with the community. We backed the launch of many of the 15+ repositories with presentations and blogs from our R&D team members. These are intended to be open source repositories for anyone to use and indeed contribute to!

While some of the repositories are sharing cool ideas and one-off projects linked with Developer User Groups or Dreamforce Presentations at the time, some of them are derived and continue to track from libraries and tools we use in the products we create and tools we build internally – such as the Apex Enterprise Patterns and Apex Metadata API.

As our parents remind us, giving is not always about the receiving, but it’s sure nice to get something back. In our case, in addition to the validation of hearing many of these libraries are being used in other solutions, we are hugely honoured to be getting code contributions back from the community.

I would like to pass our thanks to those currently contributing to our open source projects for helping build a bigger, brighter Open Source world for the Salesforce platform! As a small token of our thanks please send a direct message to our @Certinia twitter or myself (@andyinthecloud) and we will arrange for some suitable swag to be sent your way!

Thank you:

  • Alan Morey
  • Alex Tennant
  • David Esposito
  • Robert Soseman
  • Minto Tsai
  • Tyler Mowbrey

If i have missed anyone off this list, please let me know and I will gratefully add you!

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