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The integration debate…

Netsuite has announced CloudConnect for This was interesting to us for a number of reasons. Integration between netsuite/intacct and salesforce looks good on a slide. However, it would require two databases, price lists etc and they’ll need to map the different databases. Since CODA 2go lives in the Salesforce database and shares the data, there is no complicated integration, account mapping etc and certainly no justification.

All a key benefit for Salesforce customers selecting applications that are native on… In developing CODA 2go on, we are sharing components such as customer records with the system. We know customers are crying out for finance systems that are truly embedded & by developing CODA 2go on the platform, that’s what we have achieved. We have spent a lot of time talking to people who are currently struggling with lack of integration to NetSuite, Intacct, etc. and who were ecstatic to learn that there is a serious financial system available on the Salesforce platform. CODA 2go is the proof of’s viability and’s ability to extend functionality to its users from CRM and Service into ERP territory. And, we are seeing that these middlemen hooking applications together are charging more for their integration stuff than our entire application which needs no “glueing together”.

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