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The power of the Force…

We’ve started demoing the early product with internal and external people, and this week (5th/6th March) we’re going to be showing it to a global team of Salesforce executives in San Francisco, which is really exciting. The more we do this, the more we highlight how powerful this application is going to be, and also what benefits we’ve gained from being on the platform.

For example, in building our on-premise application release, Neon, we developed a new workflow system from scratch – and to be honest our development team did a really awesome job. But on, we just had to plug CODA 2go into the existing workflow that comes with the platform. It’s a similar story with reporting – instead of having to build a reporting tool or data dictionaries into standard BI-type tools, they are already there with the platform. So that way we’ve saved loads of time and been able to focus more on getting the fundamental design right, and on meeting the challenges inherent with building a finance application in a SaaS world, instead of just a CRM!

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