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Time to make base camp with the CODA 2go API!

CODA 2go’s API is available in both Web Service and Apex forms, allowing for seamless integrations such as this one between Basecamp and CODA 2go. This mashup utilises a general Apex wrapper we have written around the Baescamp API, to deliver a Wizard that allows the user to import work items and time sheet entries recorded in this popular cloud based project management system.

This mashup allows information to be used in conjunction with the CODA 2go API to generate Invoices to bill the customer! Take a look at the source here, and also a demo video here. Finally if you want to test drive it yourself, you can install via an AppExchange package with only a few clicks! Its defaulted for the data in our trail edition orgs, but can be installed easily in any other org with CODA 2go installed.

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