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Top 10 Biggest Impressions (for me) at Dreamforce 2012


The dust has settled, the mind has cleared, and the legs have some spring back to them. Time for some reflection before all the post-Dreamforce work begins. Here is a list of the things that made the biggest impression on me at my first full week at Dreamforce.

But tell us. What were your biggest impressions? Please comment below!

10. knows how to throw an event! Almost 100,000 in attendance -Wow. Now officially the biggest vendor run user conference in the world. Book your hotel now for next year!

9. Benioff has cool friends. If anyone can get Sir Richard Branson, Colin Powell and Tony Robbins to speak at the same party, clearly it’s Mark Benioff. These guys were inspiring from business, political, AND personal perspectives.

8. The cloud is soon to be the new normal. Analysts even say that by 2017, CMOs will have more budget than the CIO thanks to the cloud and social apps. Cool! But seriously, who are these people that still might think that a storm has something to do with *cloud* performance.

7. Sir Richard Branson has had to be saved by helicopter from a body of water seven different times in his life. A man that loves this much adventure needs his nine lives!

6. Chili Peppers are awesome. From the light show, to the crowd, to the music, all amazing stuff.

5. Social Apps are not just the latest buzz. They are here to stay and permeate all areas of our lives — personal, business, and family, etc.

4. Booth #506 – was insanely cool and crazy busy. The vendor with the #1 PSA, Accounting and Billing apps on really rocked it.

3. Definitely no shortage of engaging sessions to attend and learn. Some of our sessions had over 200 people with great questions. Out on video soon.

2. Social Apps are going to change the way companies do business and interact with their customers. That is very clear.

1. 99 Problems but an App ain’t One (favorite T-shirt sighting) I think Jay-Z would be cool with it too!

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