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Top Ten Reasons for Loving the Cloud

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in #CloudLoveFest. The thoughtful and at times entertaining responses amounted to a $500 donation to the SF SPCA. We wanted to share the top 10 reasons why every one loves the cloud that were submitted during the #CloudLoveFest campaign. In the style of the David Letterman Show, here are the’s #CloudLoveFest Top Ten Reasons for Why You Love the Cloud:

10. No calls to hardware vendors, database vendors, operating systems gurus – just log on and get to work.
9. Total Cost of Ownership is Lower; Return on Investment is Higher.
8. All the information I need in the palm of my hand!
7. Focus more on core business, less on IT infrastructure.
6. The cloud adjusts to your company’s needs…its fluffier when you need it to be.
5. The road is my home, and it just works.
4. The cloud saves the environment and the Earth’s natural resources. People no longer have to drive 30 minutes to go to work.
3. Sick children, 10 inches of snow, late night calls, no problem. I can work just as effectively from home.
2. On-premise is/will soon become extinct.

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