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5 awesome things you can do in FinancialForce Community

Launched in 2014, the ever-growing Certinia Community has attracted over 10,000 members for good reason. Customers and partners regularly use this online hub to maximize their use of Certinia applications and build relationships that support each other’s success. It’s the best place to get expert insights, exchange helpful tips, and access the latest release information for Certinia solutions. 

With 2018 around the corner and a few big feature updates this past year, we’re taking the time to highlight five awesome things you can do in Certinia Community. (Note: Some links will work only if you are a current Community member. Details here.)

1. Collaborate with your peers
Our discussion groups allow you to connect with other Certinia customers around the world, with some members sharing tips and advice on a daily basis. Drop in with a question, conundrum, or challenge you’re trying to solve, or just to see how others are using our products. Members range across all skill levels and all end-user types, from accountants to system administrators to CEOs. 

2. Discover product enhancements
The Release Hub, a new addition to the Community in 2017, centralizes our latest product details with links to release notes, video tutorials, and documentation. Using this resource, members like you can take advantage of the latest and greatest features the minute they launch.

3. Stay informed
Launched last December, Knowledge Base is a constantly growing directory of the vast knowledge available from our support team. Facing an error message or have a question about a specific feature? Type your keywords into the search bar and let the system work its magic. Explanations for error messages, simple how-to guides, and best practices are all housed within the Knowledge Base. 

4. Share your ideas
Contribute to our Ideas board to tell us what kind of features or enhancements you think can benefit your business or improve the way you work. Not only are all submissions viewed by our product team, but sharing your idea with the wider community also opens it up to votes from your peers, strengthening its case and increasing its visibility.

5. Be a “Spark”
Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to go forth and be a Spark! Spark is our rewards-based program for customers to engage with and advocate for Certinia. As a Spark, you can complete advocacy-related challenges (e.g. speaking engagements, referral calls, case study participation), earning you points toward rewards like cool swag, office parties, charity donations, and time with our rockstar employees. Just log in via the Spark page in the Certinia Community to launch your mission.

If you’re not already a member, click here to get more details on how to access and start taking advantage of Certinia Community. Also, take a look below at how our customer NewVoiceMedia is using (and loving) Certinia Community.

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