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CODA 2go – Coming soon to an iPhone near you!

At CODA we’ve been closely following the recent announcements from Steve Jobs to make the iPhone a groundbreaking mobile device for the enterprise. As development on CODA 2go continues we can see huge benefits for customers by exploiting the strengths of both as a platform and the iPhone as an advanced mobile client. Apple would seem to have addressed the major obstacles that have prevented iPhone adoption in the Enterprise and, if that’s the case, we can take advantage of the rich, full browser capabilities that is core functionality of the device. So how does this apply to the world of financial accounting?

PlayTwo areas spring immediately to mind. Firstly, for the first time mobile workers can have the same complete access to the financial transaction history of their customers as do their office based colleagues. That includes full visibility to credit history, outstanding payments, diary notes from the accounting team and the ability to view all previous sales invoices. Secondly, and of huge importance in the heavily regulated and audited world of accounting, the ability to request and capture senior management authorization of exceptional transactions can be efficiently processed even if that senior manager is on the road. Of course roaming users have had access to e-mail but that is not a secure authorization method and how can a manager be expected to authorize any transaction without full visibility to the supporting detail? CODA 2go customers can look forward to having the full power of the workflow engine coupled with a intuitive mobile way of finding and reviewing all relevant accounting detail. Who would have thought financial accounting could be so cool!

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