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Discovering success with like-minded individuals: Certinia user groups

This article is written by by Zahra Ashrafi, a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Certinia. Zahra prioritizes understanding the main business objectives of customers and the impact on their overall business outcomes. Discover why Zahra encourages all customers to participate in regional user groups to strengthen their Certinia skills.

Our mission: building a connected community

Certinia’s regional user groups are more than just a customer gathering. They are about people, collaboration, and shared wins. They bring together customers and Certinia teams to exchange ideas and contribute to the ongoing success of Certinia within our diverse user base, truly serving as strategic platforms for forming professional relationships and sharing insights.

How do they work?

Customers gather at local venues of a particular region, or alternatively, one of our customers graciously hosts the event. Wherever it may be, it allows the opportunity to network with your local peers and Certinia experts to learn from customer stories, collaborate on innovative use cases, and share best practices. These events also provide an opportunity to come together with Certinia Customer Success Managers and technical resources, with the shared goal of maximizing value and overcoming challenges.

The agendas are structured to educate and allow users to openly discuss topics critical to being successful. Whether you want to share your story, learn from others, or simply meet some really cool Certinia users, these sessions are guaranteed to provide thought-provoking discussion.

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Highlights of recent gatherings

Our recent event in Dallas was a day full of collaboration! We had 40 different customer accounts in attendance, along with Certinia partners. One of the customers who attended was able to showcase their successes gained from the user group at their annual kickoff event. 

In The Hague, Netherlands, two customers took to the stage. One shared how they optimized their opportunity-to-cash process with our Services Estimator solution, sparking interest among other PS Cloud users. “It’s not just about user experience; it’s about making things predictable and opening up endless possibilities.”

Another highlight was a customer who, initially struggled with their implementation and current Certinia set up, found a path to renewed trust. They connected with a company in a similar industry, learned valuable insights about quick wins, and are now eagerly looking forward to continued growth with Certinia.

During the recent event in London, a standout was the vibrant discussions that unfolded during the upgrade session where we covered advantages of being current, the scheduled update process, and feature adoption. Attendees shared internal challenges, exchanged invaluable customer-to-customer advice, and received practical tips on the successful rollout of upgrades. This interactive exchange underscored the collaborative spirit that defines our events.

Sessions to explore  

At these user groups, we keep it interesting with different sessions:

  • Dive into roadmap sessions for a sneak peek into Certinia’s future plans
  • Join industry round tables for casual chats about the latest trends
  • Explore customer use cases, real stories from real users
  • Get product demonstrations for the latest features
  • Ask the expert sessions, for any burning questions

Cheers from the crowd

The feedback from attendees at the user group events have been resoundingly positive. A Group Controller from a prominent Dutch consulting firm exclaimed, “Best event ever!” and praised the delightful food, expressing gratitude for their future with Certinia. Another participant in the London user group shared, “I told my colleagues afterward that it was so nice to be around ‘my people’ and in a room where we all spoke the same business language—priceless!”

Reflecting on the experience, another participant highlighted the diverse array of individuals with different skills and knowledge, emphasizing the value of connecting with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges. The Certinia Technical Customer Success Managers (TCSMs) were also commended for their excellence and passion, instilling confidence and hope for future collaborations.

Dallas, Melbourne, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney – these are just a few places we’ve recently been. Many more locations are coming soon.

Join the conversation!

Whether you’re a seasoned customer or new to the scene, jump into the user group vibe. Host an event, share your insights, and be a driving force in our community.

Let’s embark on this Certinia user group adventure together! Take a look at some recent events below.

London gathering for Certinia Regional User group
Certinia Dallas customer accounts gather for regional user group
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