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FinancialForce4Good is more than just an event, it recharges the soul

You’ve seen us talk about Certinia4Good and our volunteer events across the globe. While corporate philanthropy is a big part of our company’s culture since day one, the act of volunteering has a profound and lasting impact on individual employees as well. Whether it’s a morale boost, a much needed change of pace from the daily grind, or a reconnection with society, I found that FFDC4Good events become more than just a corporate initiative and touches everyone in a way far beyond the work boundaries.

Yesterday, our SF office volunteers worked the lunch and dinner shifts at the iconic Glide Memorial Church. Our roles ranged from filling the trays with food, cleaning up tables, to seating the homeless. I personally had the privilege of working next to a volunteer who was once homeless and now commits to volunteering three times a week at the place that once served him hot meals when he needed it most. He gives “giving back to the community” a new meaning and I found his commitment to helping the homeless population absolutely inspiring.

After the event, I spoke with a few colleagues who found the Glide experience more than just another corporate philanthropy event. It was an experience that truly recharges the soul.

“My son Mitchell and I were amazed at the number of people we served and the number of volunteers who have been working there for years. We served just under 700 meals and that is considered a light day compared to days when they serve over 2000. We had no idea that they served this many meals daily and I’m glad we participated and will most likely do it again. The people were all upbeat and many were smiling as they had lunch. What a great experience.” – Mike Seto, Enterprise Account Executive

“It feels great to help others and give back when and where needed. And today at Glide, it felt even better doing so as a team. I was amazed at the level of commitment and overall camaraderie of our group. Everyone played a unique part in this great service! A true testament that even that smallest act can have a very big impact.” – Sofia Ramirez, Demand Generation Manager

“It was great that we all took time out of our busy schedules and spent a little time focusing on those in far greater need. It’s no secret that there’s a homeless problem in San Francisco, but seeing first hand just how diverse of a group these individuals are was eye opening, as you saw people of all ages, genders, and races come in today. I think we should take our collective talents here at FF and go beyond an afternoon of serving meals by teaching skills that will give them confidence and help them get back on their feet.” – Shawn Joseph, Solutions Specialist

“Be humbled with your surroundings. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Just those 2 hours of work seemed to be giving back so much.” – Jason Yoon, SMB Account Executive

“It was heartening to see my colleagues, from CEO to entry level, all giving 100% effort, to help people less fortunate than us.” – Joe Chung, Inside Sales Representative

“I enjoyed being a volunteer at Glide today with my colleagues. I met some nice people in unfortunate situations and it felt good to be able to lend a hand and make their day a little brighter.” – Jackilyn Bautista, Marketing Specialist

“It is quite meaningful to be part of a company that understands the importance of coming together to give back to the community!” – Ron Mifsud, Enterprise Account Executive

“Not your average workday: collecting empty plates, cleaning up tables, refilling empty water pitchers. It is wonderful to see how the sum of all individual contributions lead to this big charity footprint called Certinia4Good.” – Kris Oosthoek, Management Trainee

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