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Among’s expanding global customer community is Juicy Property, a London-based company providing an online property management tool to landlords. The system provides features to cover all the key areas of property management to help save time, reduce risks, and get financial control. Oliver Cornes, Director for Juicy Property, said: “We’ve been trialling the Certinia application since the initial CODA 2go release in 2008, having realised early on that CRM is limited unless it provides visibility over financial data as well. is different to other offerings because it isn’t just integrated with, it runs in salesforce.

It is very exciting knowing that we have all our company & customer data in one place – we can do things that are quite simply impossible if this data is kept in disparate locations. “Some of the key benefits we have seen since we implemented Certinia Accounting include our ability to see financial data on the same screen as support/marketing/sales information. This 360 degree view of business critical information gives us better control and management and enables us to review and analyse our performance quickly and accurately.

For these and many other reasons it is clear we have made the right decision in selecting Certinia applications and we would recommend the solution to any organisation looking for best in class cloud accounting capabilities in the cloud.” Adestra is another customer which benefits from the offering. Boasting a customer list including some of the leading retailers, publishers, agencies and charities in the country, Adestra is a leading UK based email marketing services provider.

Steve Denner, Founder and Director for Adestra, commented: ”We provide web based services to our clients and so moving our applications into the cloud was a logical and strategic move for us as a business. We already utilise as a full end-to-end customer relationship management solution and are impressed with the quality and accessibility we have across our data. The next step for us was to find a cloud accounting solution that would work alongside our CRM. Being built on salesforce’s platform gave Certinia Accounting the edge.” “ is not just rich from a financial and accounting perspective but also the team behind the company clearly understands the challenges we face. Our need for accurate and reliable information and how to deliver a solution that meets these needs. Their friendly and flexible approach to the project has made them a pleasure to work with and I’m convinced we made the right choice of solution for now, and for the future.”

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