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Where do you go when you need a workplace app?

 “There’s an app for that.” We’ve heard that phrase many times, and as the business world keeps changing, that little phrase gets even more staying power. First off, employees are using apps everywhere in their personal lives, and have come to expect the same application accessibility at work.  Second, many businesses (the smart ones at least) are realizing the importance of improving the customer experience, and turning to apps to make it happen. Where are businesses flocking to find those apps?

We know one essential place – the Salesforce Appexchange. To date, there are 2,210 apps addressing a wide variety of business problems and customer solutions, whether it’s document management, billing, or a full blown cloud ERP operation. You will find killer functions that you didn’t even know existed!  To date there have been 2,267,385 installs from the Appexchange. Our customers use the Appexchange regularly and we have made it a point to ask them what they find most beneficial about it. Here are some of the most popular reasons.

  1. Validation. You can access user reviews, see the number of downloads and installs right there, which makes it easy to validate your options, and ultimately your decision.
  2. Apps work together. You can easily find apps (native to the Salesforce platform) that will instantly work with each other – down to the same log-in, UIs, workflow, objects, database etc.
  3. Huge range of functionality. From point solutions to full blown Cloud ERP like ours, you can find all kinds of back office and front office functionality that can work together to grow your business.
  4. Security. Apps have to endure an intensive security review before getting listed, so you can rest assure any app you list or access here supports the highest level of security best practices.
  5. Smart layout. The apps are simple to find, understand, and qualified as to how they would fit into your business. You can even find what other apps companies have downloaded a la Amazon.
  6. One-stop-shop. You could literally run your entire business on one platform where every front-office and back-office app were talking to each other (and getting along).

The Appexchange has come a long way and continues to mature. And businesses’ application strategies need to do the same. So if you are looking for a business app, there’s most likely an app for that (…on the Appexchange).

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