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How much is a single cloud platform actually worth in 2015? IDC has the answer.

Politics and Hollywood may be cyclical but we cannot say the same for computing. There is no turning back to client servers and mainframes. Faster than ever organizations, small or large, are racing to the cloud, a delivery model that allows companies to access any application over the Internet.

However, cloud in and of itself is not the answer that you seek for operational efficiency and cost savings. By selecting apps running on separate databases with different user interfaces and security models you may be creating a monster. This could be a very costly mistake.

On the flip side, building a complete ERP system on a single cloud platform including financials, supply chain, professional services and human capital management applications provides enormous business savings. According to an IDC white paper sponsored by Salesforce*, using a single cloud platform for your business applications can deliver $703,000 in savings per 100 users.

Here’s a breakdown of this huge cost savings:

IDC Salesforce platform Cost Chart

*Salesforce platform: Accelerate App Dev with Huge ROI,” February, 2014

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