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Launching the launchpads!

There has been a lot of very exciting product news recently with several new integrations we have delivered via our web site. There is exciting news from inside the Certinia solution as well and we are continuing to innovate, with our attention focussed heavily on improving the user experience of our application, we recently shipped a new version of the full accounting system with ‘Launchpads’. These launchpads assist you to find your way through the rich accounting functionality. The system has powerful general ledger and financial reporting capabilities and strong international features, we have masked some of this sophistication through the use of launchpads, you can now navigate through the system using familiar terms like ‘Accounts Payable’ or ‘General Ledger’ selecting these buttons will take you through to the underlying business processes that support these high level functions. See attached screen shots of the Accounting Launchpad and the Cash Management launchpad for an idea of the style and simplicity of Certinia Accounting.

Accounting Launchpad

Cash Management Launchpad

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