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London Calling 2016 recap: Learning & fun at the largest Salesforce Europe User Group event

The largest Salesforce Europe User Group event in Europe hit London earlier this month, with attendees from all over the UK as well as France, Belgium and many more across Europe. The first event of many of its kind in the UK, we were proud to be Gold sponsors and get the opportunity to meet and chat with real everyday Salesforce users.

Certinia Developer Sessions

Three of our top developers were asked to share their experience and knowledge with the crowd to pass on their own top tips on getting the most out of the Salesforce platform.

Carolina Ruiz presenting at London Calling
MVP Carolina Ruiz presenting at London Calling

Carolina Ruiz, Principal Developer of Product Innovation talked all about how to make your data flow with the Data Pipelines pilot. Users may have always known about good tools on the Salesforce platform to handle normal operational data for a CRM or platform solution, but she let attendees know more about how to leverage data pipelines to unleash hidden data without the need to export.The audience left understanding more on how to conduct on-platform processing of their big data.

Alba Azcona presenting at London Calling
Alba Azcona presenting at London Calling

Alba Azcona, Spanish Developer, Technical Lead CCE, let attendees know all about building a web application with Google Places API & Lightning Connect. Alba explained how she has developed a prototype web application, which leverages the capability of Lightning Connect for showing nearby places from Google Places API in real time.

Our final expert David Frudd, Senior Software Developer told the crowd how to make unit tests work for them and how they could use the power of ApexMocks to write easier, better, faster and stronger unit tests. These can be used to verify behaviour and stub dependencies, easily write unit tests to cover tricky edge cases, and enjoy faster test execution.

All presentations were filmed and will be available to view in a few weeks on the events website:

Great topics all around

We enjoyed listening to other contributors and our key takeaways in addition were around new Salesforce features, data pipelines, asynchronous SOQL, Lightning Connect, and good practices in Apex – TDD, and Apex Mocks. There was a large focus from the expert speakers about integration with other systems and the Salesforce keynote speakers Peter Coffee, Vice President, Strategic Research and Erica Kuhl, Vice President, Community, rounded off with valuable presentations to top off the event’s shared expertise.

A quirky venue in London

Held at Skillsmatter, CodeNode on 10 South Place, the quirky London venue gave a fun and relaxed feel, with delegates and sponsors playing table tennis and table football in between the presentations, and conversations were most certainly flowing. Even I gave the photo booth a try with my colleague Andrew Butchart. The event was a great opportunity to network with others involved in the community, which hopefully will lead to many collaborations and projects in the future.

London Calling 2016 Photobooth

Not to be missed, see you there next year!

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