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Make billing easy for customers with enhanced self-service community

Yvette RossThis article is written by Yvette Ross, Director of Product Marketing with Certinia. Her goal is to help organizations understand the value of the right cloud platform and how it can help organizations run a most intelligent, agile, and connected business. 

As consumers, most of us have long appreciated the convenience of self-service account management functions such as online bill pay, subscription renewals, and support requests. But these customer-centric conveniences and efficiencies still aren’t quite so common in the B2B world.

Certinia has helped change that with ERP Community, a self-service financial portal for your customers and key component in our market-leading accounting application—all built on the Salesforce platform. What are some benefits of having a built-in like this one? I’ve listed a few key ones below.

Self-service efficiency
With an ERP Community, your customers can view account information, make cash and credit payments, and easily track activity, balances, and payments. They can also set up payment and reminder preferences and view and print billing history and invoices in a few simple clicks. The results? Improved efficiency of your collections staff and reduced average days sales outstanding (DSO).

Speed up collections and streamline customer service
Empower customers to easily view account information, make payments online, and track activity, balances, and payments.
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Centralized billing and payments
Your financial community will also streamline and centralize your billing and payment processes so everyone in your ecosystem can service customers faster and more effectively. You will quickly create secure, positive, engaging experiences for you and your customers.

Social built-in
The right financial community will make it easy to communicate and collaborate with customers in real-time. All of this quickly adds up to improved customer satisfaction and faster payment cycles.

Branded user experience
The self-service communities from Certinia can be easily customized with each customer’s logo and colors to ensure every customer interaction in the portal reflects the brand. Customers will also get a consistent user experience whether logging in via their desktop, tablet, or mobile device, which means they can access what they need anytime, anywhere.

Modern UX
Certinia communities also feature a modern user interface and flexible design. This includes greater configuration capabilities utilizing the latest Salesforce Lightning Components to offer a more personalized, self-service customer portal. Empower users to act with confidence through predictable navigation and consistent information organization.

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