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Outforce: Salesforce & FinancialForce together at SF Pride 2015

pride (prīd/) noun:
A feeling or deep satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities that are widely admired.

Nothing could better describe the feeling of achievement and elation this past weekend than the textbook definition of “pride.” On the coat tails of the landmark US Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, the annual San Francisco Pride festivities kicked off with a bang. On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Market Street to celebrate everyone’s constitutional right to marry at the pinnacle of the festival: the SF Pride Parade. Over 240 groups walked, drove, and danced their way through the parade route, which commenced at Embarcadero and overflowed into the Civic Center Plaza where more than 300 exhibitors and 20 stages of music culminated.


Armed with a contingent of 500+ and arguably the most energy and flare, the Salesforce team was a large part of SF Pride again and “floated” through the parade on literal clouds. Invigorated by Marc Benioff’s strong, overt actions and stance against Indiana’s “religious freedom” law earlier in 2015, Salesforce’s involvement in Pride was widely anticipated and Certinia was thrilled to have the opportunity to join their efforts for the second year in a row.

pride-parade-outforceEquipped with streamers, bubbles, neon blue shirts, and dancing shoes, we had the chance to walk arm-in-arm with Salesforce and thousands of others to create the most overwhelming, ecstatic, joyful display of pride the city has ever seen. Last week’s court ruling was, without a doubt, a monumental milestone in LGBT rights history and it was clear that its significance was meaningful to everybody.


Check out photos from the day on our Facebook page, here.

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