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How is the role of CFO changing?

CFOs and Finance Directors are being asked to step up as strategic leaders and provide more technical expertise now more than ever.

In their recent blog post, Salesforce and the AppExchange take a dive into the question: How is the role of CFO changing?

There are two recurring themes in the changing role of CFOs:

  1. CFOs are expanding their reach across their organizations, developing a stronger role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation.
  2. They are taking leadership when deciding on new technology investment, as seen in Accenture’s recent study, The CFO as Architect of Business Value.

One statistic that especially stood out is that “85% of companies will commit funds to new digital technologies over the next two years, with 85% investing in cloud computing or SaaS.” CFOs are becoming more technology and analysis driven, so what actions can CFOs take to embrace their changing role? Among the 7 actions Salesforce points out is the need for CFOs to commit to adopting cloud-based applications that have analytical, mobile and social capabilities embedded in workflow.

This is where the AppExchange and come in. AppExchange features tons of applications that are built to maximize companies’ Salesforce investment. With’s suite of cloud ERP solutions, including Financial Management, companies can break down internal silos by running both their front and back office on the Salesforce1 platform. This speeds up business and helps companies keep up with their customers.

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