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San Francisco all booked up for Dreamforce? 4 awesome Bay Area spots to consider

Booking a hotel for Dreamforce is no joke. Many a-traveler has waited too long to get a room only to find that A, there are none, or B, they are $700 per night. If this happens to you: DO NOT PANIC.

bart map

The Bay Area (the nine Northern California counties that surround San Francisco) has some convenient and amazing spots that’ll make going to Dreamforce a breeze. For the purpose of this post, let’s stay along the BART line (Bay Area Rapid Transit – aka our metro).


Oakland. Where to begin!? Oakland is right across the Bay from San Francisco and depending on which neighborhood you stay in, can be just 15 minutes away from Dreamforce when you take BART. If you opt for a taxi/Lyft/Uber, it’s just a ride across the Bay Bridge. On your free time you can take a stroll around Lake Merritt, catch a movie at the Grand Lake Theater, eat deep dish pizza at Zachary’s in Rockridge, try the best fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty in Temescal or throw a penny into Jack London’s Cabin. 


Marin. What better excuse to take the Golden Gate Bridge than commuting in from Marin!? Escape the city and get a killer view when you hike the Marin Headlands, eat oysters in Sausalito, enjoy the sunny deck of Sam’s in Tiburon or go ahead and bike across the Golden Gate.


Berkeley. Just a bit further than Oakland, Berkeley is packed with fun and good food. Explore the UC Berkeley campus, wander around Telegraph avenue shops, try some Ethiopian food and grab breakfast at Elmwood cafe before hopping on Bart.


Daly City. Known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula,” Daly City can get a little too foggy for some; but that’s only because it’s so close to the beach! Not only is Daly City just a 15 minute BART ride away from the conference, it’s a short ride away from Ocean Beach – where you can watch surfers, grab a coffee at Java Beach cafe or spend some time at the San Francisco Zoo.

Now that you know where to go if SF is all booked up, take a deep breath, search some hotels or AirBnB and explore all the greatness the Bay Area has to offer. See you at Dreamforce!

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