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Carolina Ruiz Medina Named MVP!

Congratulations Carolina, the newest MVP in the family! This is a well deserved title you can proudly add to your name. You are truly a Force to be reckoned with (no pun intended).

I don’t think there is anyone at that is surprised, given the continuous efforts she puts in that go above and beyond the day to day expectations of her role as Principal Developer.  She is helping evangelize our space, the platform, the cloud, our apps — sacrificing free time to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise with the Community. The best part is she seems to always have fun while doing it!

If you aren’t familiar with what Carolina (@CarolEnLaNube) brings to the Community, you should read her blog, find her in the forums, or check out the many sessions she’s done at various Dreamforce events, Salesforce1 Tours, SFDC User Groups, Cloudforce, and so on.  She’s making an impact. And her charm shines through everything she does.

As the Saleforce MVP selectors describe this crew, “These are our community leaders, tirelessly sharing their love of Salesforce Development in all its forms – from clicks to code, to integrations with, Heroku and ExactTarget. They’re engaged with the developer community online, offline, and making sure anyone who wants to be a Salesforce Developer gets there.”

Please join me in congratulating our newest MVP!

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