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We’re Listening! Dreamforce Day Two Recap


“Break all business models and invent your own.”  Sir Richard Branson

Okay, our ears our open wide. Day Two came and went by fast, but the day was jampacked with meaty content and insight we love. From the Benioff kickoff keynote, to the plethora of sessions, to the afternoon Sir Richard Q & A, to the chili peppers at night, we pulled out the stuff that struck us most about day two.

And before you read below, let’s start a fun game for Day Three. How many times in one day do you think you’ll hear or see the word “Social”?


Benioff keynote.  Everyone get Social now.

  • Salesforce customers/businesses are growing 48% faster than others.
  •  There’s still $1.3 trillion to be unlocked through the social revolution. Which just this year Social Apps grew by 47%.
  • Which part of Social Grew the most?  Customer interaction through social channels. It went up by 123% from last year.
  •  By 2017, CMOs will spend more than CIOs
  • We empower social interactions for all employee, customer, and partner interactions
  • Welcome Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Touch, Chatterbox to the mix…

Sir Richard Branson at the fireside chat with Benioff – a crowd pleaser.
What was so cool about this is that it wasn’t about technology, but more on Sir Richard’s point of view from running a business to the war to the decriminalization of drugs. Good stuff.

  •  “If all else fails, do it yourself. Start something, make a difference.”
  • “Ask yourself ‘how can I make a difference in people’s lives?'”
  • “Being a good leader, you’ve got to be a good listener.”
  •  “Giving people freedom to make mistakes is very important”
  •  “Humor is an important part of building a business” – Bravo Richard!
  •  “The best way of learning about anything is by doing it”
  • “World problems and business problems need brave people to solve them.”
  •  “You got to be ready to pull a bigger competitor’s tail” Sessions. Great soundbytes too!

  • “The loadtstdataset command is amazing and will be huge help for us. That is something we’ve struggled with for a while.” (Advanced Application Lifecycle Management on
  • “The developer presentations given by the #Certinia engineers on enterprise dev patterns and package plugins were exceptional. Kudos.” (Applying Enterprise Application Design Patterns on / Making your Managed Package Extensible with Apex Plugins)
  • “Appirio and Certinia know more about integrating to Google Doubleclick than Google. We could not have done it without them.” (Disney, Patch — “Inventory Traffic and Billing Integration to Ad Servers”)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Chime In.

“Give it away. Give it away. Give it away now…”

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