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FinancialForce DevTalks Covering All the Bases!

We completed our second R&D DevTalks event this week with flying colors! The range and depth of sessions was very much appreciated by all that attended, from #clicksnotcode and #codenotclicks to leveraging the community StackExchange site then finishing with a hugely entertaining demo of Salesforce1, what more could anyone have asked for?!?!

FInancialForce DevTalks
The MVPs (from left to right) Andrew Fawcett, Chris Peterson, Jesse Altman and Carolina Ruiz Medina

While most of us in R&D will admit we love a well crafted piece of Apex code, we know that it is equally important for us and our customers to leverage the best of the declarative options the platform has to offer in appropriate balance. Our sessions certainly provided that, with an in-depth look at what the latest Flow technology has to offer, performing tasks previously only possible through writing Apex code. Attendees learned about switching it around as well as how to manage the often cumbersome and error prone task of Dynamic SOQL using the beautifully crafted QueryFactory from Chris Peterson. Chris’s contribution extends our commitment to sharing libraries and patterns to help developers follow Enterprise coding best practices. This was followed by an excellent chat from one of our resident StackExchange contributors Jesse Altman, just in case you needed to pose a well-formed question or answer in order to give advice on either topic in the future.

Certinia DevTalks
Listening closely with pizza and beer in hand

The grand finale awaited us though, with our resident first ever female MVP, Carolina Ruiz Medina. She captivated the audience with her unique style and passion in presenting what most felt should have been how Salesforce should have positioned Salesforce1 in the first place! It really had to be seen to be appreciated — there was even a video recording of how the Hulk puts out a service request via Salesforce1 (he has a special Hulk-proof smart phone) to fix a broken table. This resulted in the need for Ironman’s repair services! This turned out to be a fun but very compelling demonstration of how with clicks not code, a truly professional mobile experience can be pulled together rapidly on the Salesforce platform!


Of course all of this would have been for nothing if it were not for the amazing turnout we had! The energy and passion from presenters and the audience was tangible – with great questions, laughs and insights from all. We have posted slides (including within further links) to the event here. For more photos of the event, check them out on our Facebook page. See you next time!

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