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Where is FinancialForce headed? [Enterprise Times]

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Enterprise Times on December 4, 2017. Access the full post and podcast here.

Enterprise Times sat down with Dan Brown, Chief Product Officer at Certinia to discover where the company and its products are headed in the future. Brown is the fourth senior member of the leadership team joining Tod Nielsen, Fred Studer, and Joe Fuca as it looks to scale.  Brown reveals the three reasons why he felt it was the right time to join Certinia as it targets the services economy. He also talks about the product roadmap both in terms of functionality and the target markets.

He joined Certinia about 100 days previously and discusses what he set out to do, what he has achieved, and what new objectives there are for the coming months. 

To hear more of what Brown had to say, read the post and listen to the podcast here.


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