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9 types of Dreamforce Attendees – and how to spot them

Dreamforce is the largest IT trade show in the world, so it’s no surprise it comes packed with an eclectic cast of characters.  There’s almost always the common thread of all wanting to learn and do more with the platform. But the attendee agendas vary widely from there. Here’s a breakdown of a few stand-out ‘types’ of attendees and their missions. Agree? Let us know in the comments if you can add any or which type you might be!

energizerbunny1.) The energizer bunny:
These attendees will go home more recharged than exhausted! They will hit countless sessions, all the keynotes, networking events, parties, lunches and meetings; and probably blog about it all each night. They are squirming through crowds to be on time while tweeting, snapchatting, instagramming and requesting new LinkedIn connections along the way. Look for them hooked up to a spare outlet charging their devices – while on it. 


jimmy_job2.) The job-seeker:
This crew has figured out the Salesforce platform is the hottest thing around and want to get their foot in the market. People want to sell it, develop on it, build apps for it and transform businesses on it. Look for those job seekers excited to get their foot in the market. They will be cruising the expo floor, sessions and parties asking questions, giving their personal pitch, and schmoozing.


jimmylovespeople3.) The career-star:
This pack is fired up and already signed up for the best sessions and networking parties. They are out to find new knowledge, innovation, and career-changing strategies guaranteed to help them look like stars.  Whether it’s dev, sys admin, business management, or what – find them at sessions asking the most questions or the expo hall looking for the next killer app.


jimmy_guitar4.) The show celebs:
Keep your eyes out for these Dreamforce head turners. The 2016 list is amazing: Marc Benioff (of course), Mark Cuban, Billie Jean King, Christy Turlington Burns, Congressman John Lewis, Captains Mark and Scott Kelly, just to name a few. They will be doing keynotes, leading talks, hosting the best events, educating the top analysts, running press conferences and helping the crowd make the dream.

jimmy_talkig5.) The startup maker:
These attendees have a busy week. Like the energizer bunny they have a packed agenda trying to turn four days of product pitching, fund seeking, schmoozing into a startup. They know Dreamforce is filled with some of the wisest, most innovative leaders that might help them get there, or direct them in the right way. Find them trying to get into the VIP events, talking to suits, and following every move the show celebs make.  


jimmy-stuffed-animal6.) The swag gatherer:
These attendees are coming in hot on Day One Expo signing up for every contest and looking for the best goods. And they are heading out packing several pounds heavier on Day Four. With Dreamforce comes hundreds of exhibitors. With hundreds of exhibitors comes hundreds of awesome giveaways.



party_hopper7.) The party hoppers:
You’ll love them, then want to avoid them. They hit all the cool parties, take advantage of every free drink, share their best dance moves, and tell their worst jokes. And they don’t know when to stop.  You may not see them at the morning sessions but they will perk up. They love Dreamforce like no other.



jimmylovespeople8.) The lingerer
Not hard to identify because they will be chatting you up at every chance! No matter what the forum – session, booth, party, coffee line – they will have your ear, keep the questions going, and never notice that you are trying to get onto the next thing. Have an escape line ready! “Sorry, gotta run. Have to go pick up the new Drone I won from these guys.”


loner9.) The Loner
This type of attendee likes attending conferences for learning – but not so much into chit chat and making connections. In sessions, they will likely sit in the back of the room and quietly tap away on their keyboard. At after-parties, they hang by the bar with a drink in hand but don’t do much mingling. When you spot them, take a second to say ‘hi’ or find the nearest lingerer and try to pair them up.


No matter which category you fall into, Certinia has something for everyone at this year’s Dreamforce. Check out everything we have in store and see you at the show!

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