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Diversity at FinancialForce: Nancy Vicari answers questions about the new initiative

Why is diversity, inclusion, and equality important to you personally and professionally? This was one of the big questions our panel was tasked with answering on March 8th – International Women’s Day. That morning, hundreds of employees tuned in as 5 of our leaders discussed diversity, inclusion and how they have been bold in their careers. The theme of the day was “Be Bold For Change,” and it was inspiring to hear the different stories our panelists shared as they discussed instances not just where they had been bold, but when they had to overcome adversity as well.

Diversity and inclusion is something that is important to us here at Certinia, and that is why a committee has joined together to create the Diversity at Certinia initiative. Our vision is to build an inclusive organization with a diverse workforce that will drive positive business results.

The new initiative strives to provide education, seminars, meet ups, mentorship opportunities and speakers who will provide vision on subjects like diversity and inclusion.  Ultimately, diversity and inclusion will become fundamental building block of everything Certinia.

Watch my Q&A video below to learn more about our goals, plans and how the initiative came about.

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