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Dreamforce 2015 update: “I am Titanium!”

When you think of Titanium, airplanes might come to mind, maybe that song by David Guetta gets stuck in your head, or if you’re a literal person – you picture a low-density, high-strength transition metal. But if you’re a employee this week, Titanium makes you think about how we’re going to completely rock Dreamforce 2015.

That’s right! We’re excited to announce that is officially a Titanium level sponsor for Dreamforce this coming September! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to more closely partner with Salesforce for this amazing event that has become an annual, city-wide institution. Being a Titanium sponsor means you’ll be seeing much, much more of us: in sessions, in social, at the expo, during the Gala, at Salesforce Live, in the Partner Theater, on your bus, at the parties… you get the idea. Most importantly for us, you’ll have more ways to interact with the team, more chances for us to explore and solve back-office challenges together, and more ways for us to learn how we can help empower you and your business.

As a company, we’re always challenging ourselves to be and do better and that applies more than ever to our participation in Dreamforce. We’re excited. You should be too. Bring it on, Titanium.



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